2015 *WHAT A YEAR*

I don't think I would have coped if someone had told me what last year would involve.There were some incredible changes for me-most importantly my ACE operation.Life before was pretty rubbish before and it's not been easy but I do have a chance of a more normal life now.I didn't realise that everyone is so different in how they manage their bodies-I just though Id have the ACE and life would change.It has changed and it is better but I've had to work out what I can and can't do(how much stimulant is needed,how much saline and good/bad foods plus best time of day).

Riding has really helped me as I just want to continue whatever I'm dealing with and there was nothing better then getting back to it after 2 months off.I've also learnt that things often don't go to plan with horses and my new ride has been off for a few weeks but is luckily back in work now for 2016.People have been very kind and I've been lent a couple of nice rides through the year so I've managed to carry on doing what I love.

Incredibly I've been on my first holiday for 4 years to Mexico.What was amazing was how well I was whilst there.My legs were much better than at home probably because of the warmth and I needed no movicol when I normally have it most days at home.This became very apparent on my return to school.My carer was not in school and a new teacher(not knowing my medical history) asked me to do pe outside on the coldest of days in just shorts.My legs totally seized up resulting in me spending the remainder of the day in a wheelchair at school as I couldn't walk to lessons.My legs were so painful and shaking.It was quite a shock and a reminder of how careful I need to be even if I think I'm ok.That's one of the hardest things because I can look so normal but can't do what everyone else does.I can jump off a cliff into water on holiday if my legs are behaving but that can change within days.

After being quite infection free during 2015 I seem to have had 2 in as many months,but hopefully that's just bad luck.One crazy thing we noticed on holiday was that my nerves affect my bladder .But I don't feel nervous! I realised I'd had 10 days with no problems then when we were doing karaoke I needed the toilet but couldn't control it.This explains why I struggle at shows but don't realise(if that makes sense).I'm not sure what I can do about it though?

I have a para training weekend to look forward to at the end of January and it will be a great start to the New Year.But I do need to make sure I manage myself in the cold weather as sitting in a cold disabled toilet for 2 hours doing my ACE isn't an option.I know we'll find a way though x

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