A fun beginning to a hectic week! - Arena Uk September show

It's a been a fun few days…with the addition of some medical dramas! Daisy jumped a super clear on Tuesday to finish 5th in a huge class that went on for 4 hours! She'll now be resting for the middle of the week and enjoying plenty of walks and some grass. 

Jack Sparrow has come for a play both yesterday and today with help from Keeley Durham Equestrian bringing him and getting us warmed up etc. I must admit I was ever so slightly nervous as it's so bright and spooky in the ring, but Jack has behaved super! It feels like we're really becoming a good team now, and we've jumped a clear round both days so far- can't get better than this really can you? I think our training with Louise Saywell showjumping has helped so much with the preparation! 

Inbetween the fun things, it's also been a hectic time managing my TPN and making sure that the showjumping times don't clash with my tube feeds. So far, so good but we're taking each day as it comes so none of it becomes overwhelming. ARENA UK SHOW Centre have been incredibly organised with such a busy show which has really helped us plan things too!Wednesday felt like a comedy sketch, we were rushing about, everything was very tight on time and just as things began to calm down…splatter! My stoma bag leaked A quick wash, new bag and change of clothes (WHY do jodhpurs have to be white?!?) and we were back on track luckily though!I think this is the reality of trying to live a life and do sports whilst also managing complex health issues- there are things that go wrong, you always need a backup plan and a sense of humour if you want to keep going!Let's hope the rest of the week is just as much fun, but slightly less chaotic! 

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