A good yet eventful first few days!

 A fun beginning to our show here at ARENA UK SHOW Centre - I started my TPN tube feeds at lunchtime (which is a rarity to do it so early!) so they would finish at 6am, ready to compete first thing in the morning. - I'm only a morning person if we have the whole day before to plan and prepare my medical regime!

Daisy had a silly stop in our class yesterday, she'd nearly bucked me off in the warm and although I rode confidently in the ring I still needed some extra dynamite kinda power to get her fully on side! Today she redeemed herself with a clear, after I'd got the engine going and didn't give her any excuses- and finished up in second place! 

Jack Sparrow has been so well behaved, taking all of the spooky and scary things in his stride. We jumped a clear yesterday (albeit a little bit flighty at the pumpkins and ghost decorations ) and today jumped a much smoother and organised round- but had the second to last fence down (mainly because he shied away from it and i clicked him forwards, putting us a little close to the fence.)But so much improvement and a great way for us to continue building our partnership. Now, back onto some more TPN to keep my bloods level and get some hydration and nutrients in, and then onto some physio - since my legs have lost a lot of blood flow in the cold weather once again. It all seems to be paying off though!

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