A very happy new year!

I'm both excited and terrified for what the next year holds. With possible surgery options and further battles with doctors most likely ahead, (since the not so seemingly human right to be healthy has to be fought for tooth and nail with my consultant.) But also the fun and plans I have with Daisy, alongside some big ideas for the foundation and my school talks moving forwards into the new year.

Looking back, I started the last decade as a young girl, obsessed with her pony 'Blue' and all things horsey (I would avoid jumping at all costs, including dismounting and hiding behind Blue on pony days at at events so I didn't have to), but also secretly struggling to pretend I was 'normal' and healthy. I was terrified of people finding out about all of my health issues and the thought of anyone knowing felt like my worst nightmare. I would tell people I'd been on holiday when I was in hospital, struggle to keep up in PE when I couldn't feel my legs and I genuinely believed I was the only person living with health issues and trying to pass off two separate lives.

Fast forward to the present day, one thing hasn't changed…I'm still completely smitten with my four legged friends…and with the help of a certain dinosaur now thoroughly adore showjumping. The secretive girl that hid her battles behind many odd and crazy excuses is no more. All the things that terrified me? They're still there. But I began using them to do something useful and helpful. Growing my foundation, working in schools and raising awareness. Turns out, I'm definitely not the only one battling an invisible illness- and my main aim is to make sure more and more people become aware, so that less children and adults feel they have to hide their struggles.
I never imagined to have published a book, launched a foundation and actually enjoy public speaking..all off the back of something I couldn't bare to think of let alone talk about.

I began getting a little bit worried and scared for what the next year and decade holds, but judging by a small reflection- my fears might just be the fuel I need to keep going. Happy new year everyone, here's to both the bad and good, triumphs, the lessons we'll learn and obstacles we'll overcome and people we'll become.

As for New Years resolutions, I just want to continue using my motto of #FindAWayNotAnExcuse to see me through the journey. Also a huge thank you to the fantastic sponsors and partners we have that encourage and make what I do possible both in para showjumping and speaking at schools, it's such a joy to work with such enthusiastic people, without such wonderful support there is no way I'd be able to continue doing this. Just Riding Global Herbs Jump 4 Joy Wellspect UK The Mintridge Foundation KEP Italia - MAIN PAGE Dodson & Horrell Freshtime Futures Trust

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