A whirlwind past few days!

 I had my regular 'Duracell bunny recharge' (as we like to call it) of an 8hour potassium infusion on Friday to keep me going. Still pulling through the side effects and symptoms of the IV drip that really mess with my already weak heart. A few tears from the pain in my chest and dizziness whilst hacking Daisy out on Saturday, but all for a good cause- so I could compete today! I sometimes question if things are worth pushing through, but sitting at home would drive me crazy knowing she's there in the stable waiting for me.

It was a bit touch and go with my chest pain and lightheadedness taking hold on Saturday (on top of all the normal struggles) as to whether we'd make it to the show today.
I was over the moon to get back out on Daisy today at one of our favourite places, Willow Banks. Better yet, we finished 2nd in a super competitive blue chip qualifier- qualifying even though I'll be in hospital for the championships!🙈 Love love love my Dinosaur, the fun I get to have with her, the effort that pays off, all thanks to the support from mum, friends, family and sponsors that help to make it all possible.

Onwards and upwards and this will most likely be my last show for a good few months as my surgery date draws closer…exciting yet scary! What a wonderful way to finish. 😊

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