Back in the place I was trying to desperately to avoid

It's the first time I've felt really vulnerable since being discharged from Nottingham last week. My potassium infusion was due and with it being classed an emergency due to low levels t(as always) it wasn't as option to skip or postpone.

Going without my infusion and staying at home on lockdown (given how dangerous low potassium levels are) would actually be a GREATER risk than coming into a confined space with potential exposure in hospital. Critically low potassium risks are fatal and even though I've struggled with it for over three years, the side effects such as abnormal heart arrhythmia still remain just as prominent.

I've spent the past few days worrying and struggling to accept that this actually is the safest option, but life still goes on whilst the virus is here. I'm still chronically ill and need regular treatment interventions to keep me alive. This doesn't change just because of the pandemic. #FindAWayNotAnExcuse

Thank you to everyone who is staying at home, practicing social distancing and limiting their time in public places. It's not only NHS workers and covid-19 patients you're helping, but people like me who were already struggling to survive and thrive before this, and still continue to need urgent care in hospitals. You're making it safer for me to access care, safer for the NHS to stay active and reducing the spread too. There are so many people you are helping by playing your part, listening to the governments advice and changing your everyday life for a period of time- THANK YOU🌟

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