Back where I belong

 Huge smiles to be where I belong after what feels like forever ...with Daisy the Dinosaur❤️ Feeling even better now I've seen this special girly and enjoyed a walk round the village🍂🍁

For now the plan is to be seen monthly by the nutritional team at Nottingham, in the meantime we've finally been able to secure an appointment for a couple of weeks time with the surgeon in London to discuss what options we have. In an ideal world, we want to explore all other routes to manage my health before turning to long term PN, so speaking with the surgeon gives us another chance to look into every possibility. I'll remain off PN whilst at home, and should anything change or I deteriorate again we'll reevaluate as and when required- the team at Notts are very reluctant to continue PN nutrition unless it is absolutely necessary.
My biggest fear is deteriorating all over again, just to end up going round in circles. I've worked so hard to get to where I am right now, and this latest hospital admission has been a huge struggle in some ways- I really don't want this to all be for nothing. So whilst I'm home and waiting to see how my body manages without PN, I very much plan to make the most of and enjoy this bit of strength I do have..I better get mum a good pair of thermals for some winter training and shows!!😅

If there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that Daisy makes all of this waiting and worrying worthwhile❤️

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