Beach trip and flat (potassium) batteries

I've been like a flat battery the past few days so haven't been online much. 

We're now on route to hospital as the potassium levels in my bloody were dangerously low, and magnesium levels high. I'll be admitted at QMC to have this addressed and hopefully treated, but it doesn't explain why I felt so awful! It's always upsetting to be rushed into hospital without any notice, but needs must and the priority is to get things sorted!Looking back to pictures from a special trip to the beach with Daisy a couple of days ago, I've begged mum for ages to take us!She was a star and loved having some water therapy, splashing in the waves and walking in the sand. Mum, Apple and I also very much enjoyed it! 

So thankful to have special moments like these to appreciate when things are a little difficult and I'm in hospital. I'm already planning our next show for when I'm home though(whenever that might be!) #FindAWayNotAnExcuse 

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