Bringing the Easter cheer to hospital!

  I'm hoping the Easter bunny will bring me some extra potassium so I can stay home this bank holiday weekend! 🐣We're always trying to make the 8hour infusions a bit more fun, so when mum found a pair of bunny ears it seemed only fitting to wear them for my infusion.

Me and Spud spent the morning playing pro Easter bunnies, planning an egg hunt for the family, and then watching them search for clues and hunt for the eggs! The longer this goes on, the more worried I am about where my health will be at by the time we can address it properly again, it just keeps slipping further and further but we know there's nothing we can do for now. For now, the thought of seeing Daisy (whenever lockdown finally ends) is keeping me going more than anything, and Spud is here to keep me on my toes!

Happy Easter everyone!🐣🐰🍫

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