Confusing Doctors for 18 years!

After a restless time with leg spasms and cramp the night before, I was so pleased to be celebrating my birthday at home and not in hospital, even on minimal sleep!

Jay the Shetland was very amused that I'd asked to open presents in the cabin with him, I'd say that was definitely a 'living my childhood (and current) dreams' moment- a birthday with a Shetland pony in your garden! I find so much joy in the simple things like enjoying a hot chocolate with Jay and being at home without any medical appointments for one day when everything else is so hectic and crazy at times. Taking a break to pause and enjoy life for the little things is always enjoyable in between juggling and managing my health from home as usual.

Having a party wasn't really an option given how unpredictable the hospital schedule has been this past month, and after spending last years birthday in hospital I knew making plans could backfire if I found myself in hospital. With a last minute open house, some close friends and family visited for the first time in weeks I got to socialise and talk about things that aren't health related! Only then did I realise that I've only spoken to my parents and nurses each day for the past few weeks, so it was definitely well over due, and so refreshing. There's no chance of a big ego quite yet though, with Mum reminding me that yesterday was also 'World Toilet Day' of all days!! Although it's seemingly appropriate for it to fall on my birthday given how much time my treatment takes in the bathroom each night!

I'm still completely in shock and feel a bit unworthy of what is probably the kindest thing and best gift I've ever received. In secret, a group of friends had gone above and beyond to come together and pitch in to buy a portrait of Daisy (I've been desperately saving up for one since the beginning of the year after wanting one for so long and was adamant I wanted Lindsay Hill artist after following her previous work). I was lost for words after tearing the wrapping paper open to find the most beautiful portrait of my wonderful Daisy, and for me to be lost for words is a rare occasion as many of you can probably imagine! Dad is probably thrilled to have yet ANOTHER horse picture in the house...but we're all in agreement of how special it really is and even he loves it. Nothing quite comes close to how much this means to me and has touched my heart, I don't think I'll ever get over what an incredible thing this very special group of people were willing to do for me. I'd also like to extend an extra soppy thank you to Sarah Wicks, who pulled everything together and made it possible- I ought to buy you a halo for Christmas!

It's back to reality today with appointments, and after having a very rare night off from treatment last night it's safe to say I won't be doing that again anytime soon!! Judging by the thick cloud of nausea and woozy pain that's clouded me today I feel as though I've been shaken like a can of whip cream all day! I was well behaved and didn't have a drink through fear of ending up back in hospital last night- yet still ended up with hangover like symptoms! I'll just chug the gin next time if either option gets the same result😅😬

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