Daily briefing shock

 And home for a bit of 'normality' before going back to hospital first thing Monday morning.

It was a bit of a shock to listen to the Downing Street daily briefing yesterday.
The government guidelines for NHS plans so far have been sufficient for supplying and saving resources to help covid patients. We anticipated that the government would prioritise saving lives and begin reintroducing cancer treatments and procedures first, before then addressing prominent cases like mine in due course after when resources were available to do this safely.

The priorities we thought the government would introduce are now very different to the reality as of yesterday's announce to reintroduce fertility treatment first, our worry is that they are not prioritising saving EXISTING lives. This grey area for what the government are keen to prioritise first has left us feeling invisible and perhaps last in the queue. I understand and value the important of fertility treatment, it changes and enhances the lives of many people, however I can't help but feel that SAVING lives should come before changing lives.

Can we not save the living first????

We're not quite sure what to do at the moment for the best, although I've been getting gradually weaker over the past two years I'm now at my lowest weight yet- but with no end or help in sight quite yet for getting some nutrition. But how do I know I'll be strong enough to wait for treatment if I'm last in the queue? I don't.

Thank you for all of the messages of support and help, we've been contacting as many government and media contacts as possible to hopefully highlight where NHS resources are needed as soon as it is safe and available to do so.

I also want to emphasise how incredible the hospital teams have been managing my care, they are doing everything they can do help but essentially have their hands tied and limits set by the government guidelines and support.

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