Daisy takes the WIN this morning!

A very very wet start with torrential rain for our last day here at ARENA UK SHOW Centre- we managed some tight turns, took a stride out down the distance (accidentally!) and kept the pace up…to be honest I think Daisy was in her element!Swipe to see some of the chaos behind everything, including the last one where Daisy took the wheel and I had to sit tight. 

So much love for our brilliant yet occasionally spicy and arrogant 'Daisy Da Dinosaur' 

A huge thank you to Keeley Durham Equestrian and team for not only helping us get prepared, but also helping us pack things up and get the horses home. I was exhausted by this afternoon and had barely slept, Keeley drove our car to the showground and took the horses home in the lorry, so that we could drive directly home and get my TPN started as soon as possible to try and level my bloods out and get some IV fluids running. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork 

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