Daisy update!

 A whole week of not seeing Daisy has got me feeling quite lost at the moment- having her usually gives me something consistent in life that I can rely on so not having that to balance all the struggles with my health is taking a lot of adjusting to. (Even though I've become far too weak to ride over the past few days.)

It certainly brightened my day seeing these pictures of her yesterday after having a full groom and pamper..and a carrot to keep her orange! Every day is a day closer to seeing her and I can't wait 😊 Huge thank you to Louis Stud for looking after both Daisy and Apple, as always you do a fantastic job- it's a lot easier being at home knowing I can trust the people looking after her❤️
I think a lot of livery yards deserve a medal at the moment for the increase in workload, thank you for your hard work in looking after my dinosaur! 🦖

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