Day 3 and PICC line placement

 I had a 5 second 'I need my mum moment' this morning! πŸ™ˆIt's so cold in my room on the ward because the radiators aren't working at the moment so I haven't been sleeping too well here so far. On little sleep, I was handed a surgical gown first thing this morning which could only mean one thing..a slot to have my PICC line placed has come up.

We had a bit of an issue placing the line at first as the veins in my arm were 'uncooperative and bouncing around' apparently, which isn't ideal when you already need to be very still. After getting over that initial complication I then felt a huge nerve twinge in my neck and jaw, when feeding the line up my arm it had gone UP my neck instead of across into my chest. It felt like I'd had an electric shock in my neck! 😳It was obvious something wasn't right so they quickly retracted the line and repositioned it with a bit of pushing and pulling whilst I tried to stay stone still on the table under X-Ray, and on the second attempt it was soon in the right place. This is why lines are placed in radiology theatre where X-Ray is readily available to scan the lines position and ensure it is in the right place- i.e. not in my neck. Although after today I think I'd definitely win a game of musical statues!

Luckily the nurse in radiology remembered me from last time and asked about Daisy which helped to keep me occupied whilst I signed consent forms and ran through the risks etc. It was less than two hours before everything was done and dusted and I was wheeled back onto the ward ready for painkillers and a rest! In hindsights it may be a good job mum wasn't here for the placement this morning as I'd much rather know Daisy is looked after whilst I'm in and I don't think Mum would've appreciated the stress here either! I pulled myself together pretty quick knowing she was only a phone call or car drive away and soon had my eye back on the ball and ready to get it all done.πŸ‘πŸΌ

Currently resting up a little bit and taking it easy as my arm is quite sore and this morning has already been so draining. We're one small step closer to getting sorted- less than three weeks until ileostomy surgery!🀞🏼πŸ₯

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