Day 4 - Evacuation day

Definitely a 'Find a Way Not an Excuse' kind of day!!!😳

Today has been eventful to say the least. Out of the entire hospital it was my ward that has been named the COVID-19 isolation ward…which meant we had the evacuate the whole ward and move all 22 patients to another place. F22 is highly specialist in the treatments they provide that are very high risk of infection (PN that I'm currently receiving) which is why they're one of the few wards that have self contained single or double rooms.

With confirmed cases of the virus now in the hospital we've had to pack up and move within a mater of hours. Our nursing team has moved with us to C24 and they have coped incredibly in such testing circumstances. Transferring beds, patients, medications, nutrition bags, supplies etc- not only quickly but whilst keeping everything STERILE which seems close to impossible logistically. 🤯Just to be clear, no one on my ward has the virus and we are all clear of it as of now.

We're now settled one the new ward, instead of separate rooms we have six patients in a bay each.. it's all quite communal and I feel like setting up a campfire and singing 'Kumbaya my lord'! 😅🙈Visiting hours have been reduced and restrictions are now in place for most patients which I'm pleased about to help protect us from patients that have bene somewhat careless so far.

I didn't really have any worries about the virus until now, but all of a sudden it seems quite real and troubling. Health wise for me everything is 'business as usual', my PICC line is doing well and I'll be starting PN shortly. Until then, mum is live streaming the dogs and horses to me which is keeping my spirits up as I miss them so much!

Thank you for the immense support and messages over the past few days - I can't believe how kind people have been in their well wishes, it really does mean so much, I've read every single comment and feel incredibly lucky to know some truly lovely people. ❤️

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