Day 6 and sleep feels like a distant memory

It's been a quiet couple of days as we don't see the doctors over the weekend unless there's an emergency. The past week has felt quite hectic and I'm still finding my feet with being in hospital all over again. Being an inpatient, inside four walls 24/7 and being surrounded by poorly people feels worlds away from my lifestyle at home in the fresh air, with the animals making the most of life.

My current admission is so necessary, even though I don't like being stuck in hospital hours from home and my family, I do like the fact that this will enable me to hopefully be healthier in the long run with some luck. Sometimes it's worth trying to see if there's a chance.

I'm only at the very beginning on my admission but in the meantime, I'm feeling so happy I have so much to enjoy and look forward to at home. In a way I count myself really lucky that my 'real' life is nearly a polar opposite to being in hospital, that way I know I'm living the way I want to, doing things that fulfil me and keep me busy.

Working in schools, creating understanding of invisible illnesses and Daisy, Spud (along with Apple our other horse too!) and the dogs give me a reason to grit me teeth when needs be and keep my chin up. They're definitely my reason to #findawaynotanexcuse for the week ahead. ❤️

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