Feeling helpless in A&E

After two infusions bags of potassium my Nottingham team requested another blood test to see where my levels were at and we were astonished to learn that they were still low and I'd need further urgent infusions. I packaged a bag, grabbed some catheters and jumped in the car expecting to have another bag and come home.

I was soon admitted to the ambulatory care unit and hooked up to a cardiac monitor before having blood tests and eventually beginning the first infusion bag. After two bags we re-tested my bloods at midnight expecting to be able to go home, but they hadn't changed at all. I was no longer absorbing the potassium and my heart rate was continuing to drop as I grew weaker.
I felt so useless though not knowing IF we could actually get my levels up, without sufficient potassium the heart and vital organs are unable to function properly and time felt like it was slipping away from us as things got worse.

It became clear that we urgently needed to get the potassium in before things worsened, so the team prescribed a further two bags in the hope of pumping me full of it to help absorption which finally brought my levels up a fraction enough to ease the worry.

For now it's back home for a day before another blood test. I have a telephone consultation with the team at Notts tomorrow too so hopefully we can fill in some gaps and keep them in the loop.
A small delivery came recently, and was such a lovely surprise - two rosettes from Trophies for everything that had been personalised for me and mum! They are so beautiful and really lifted my spirits after a whirlwind couple of days, sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference. 😊❤️

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