************Home and Happy*************

I've finally returned home after my last competition at Scope National showjumping festival and what an experience! I did learn that having nearby toilets to wherever I am whether its competing or not is invaluable! I've had such a great summer but it didn't come without its slight complications,mum did forget to bring my med bag to the other end of the showground when I was about to compete in the championship arena and urgently needed to do my meds! I'd planned to walk the course ,do meds,then do my warm up.I opened my rucksack and it was empty!!!!(luckily my brother did a run back to the lorry). But the most interesting part of that show was when my ACE flush hadn't worked.After 2-3 hours of jumping about trying to get it out ,I did have to resort to going on one of the amusement rides at the show to try and help things along! - I still didn't get it all out till the next morning . :/ I also fell off in the training round of my class earlier that day.I jumped the first fence then just hit the ground.I'd walked to the toilets to do my meds before my class -by the time I'd got back my legs felt like they'd no energy left in them. I just couldn't balance on them or anything.This is something I need to be aware of for future competitions as somedays my legs just don't function properly.Luckily I did go on to win my Championship class later in the day after a rest and jaffa cake,so it was all worth it in the end.It took me a couple of days to get well again though. We saw my paediatrician before we went to Scope.He was concerned as I'm not the height I should be and havn't been able to keep food down properly for years so possibly didn't get the nutrition I needed. He thinks this could be why I'm 5'2(should be 5'6).Mum kept saying pehaps I'm just the odd one out that doesn't follow the chart but he said no I'm shorter than I should be.The crazy thing is-if I was that tall my tethered spinal cord would be stretched & I probably wouldn't be able to walk so I suppose everything happens for a reason.I'm definitely eating more since I had my Ace done,but I can't eat big meals so I must be careful if I miss breakfast. It's nice to be back in a routine now though and hopefully I can plan what I'm doing without as much worry.

Winning junior para gradeIII National competition at Scope showjumping festival 2015

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