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We all know it… 

Sore muscles can be a common issue for many of us in sport, most athletes regularly attend a physio to maintain themselves, but it seems the equestrian industry is a different breed when it comes to this.

 Instead we continue, with aches and pains, especially of the ignoring or brushing it off because there's so many more important things to get done for the horses.

The horses tend to be the top priority.

…We usually fall to the bottom of the list.

But if we don't consider our own aches and pains, how can we finish that never ending to do list for the horses?

For us… 

Especially when competing regularly, my calf and hamstring muscles have a tendency to tighten and spasm.

This not only effects my actual riding ability but also causes pain and discomfort.

It's taken a while, but we've found our best solution to sore muscles when showjumping.

This not only effects my actual riding ability but also causes pain and discomfort.

It's taken a while, but we've found our best solution to sore muscles when showjumping.

I carry a Pulseroll mini massage gun in my at bag at shows. 

 It's small, compact, easy to use, and effective.

Massage guns are used in all sports, but have so far been overlooked in the equestrian world- perhaps due to our previously mentioned lack of attention to our aches and pains.

I was desperate and willing to try anything, so had nothing to lose by trying one.

When I looked at the research behind them, it felt like an easy thing to try and use.

What I didn't expect was that the results have changed my whole routine. 

 The benefits

The Pulseroll mini massage gun (the one I use) has four speed settings, so you can go gently or increase the speed/power when needed.

Don't be fooled by the word 'mini' though, this is very powerful- I usually use the first two settings.

They also come with four different shaped heads, to target each area differently for your preference. (I mainly use the round head.)

Without getting too into the science, these are main benefits that keep me coming back to using it.

-Releases tension

-Increases blood flow/circulation

-Injury prevention

-Activates the nervous system

-Speed up recovery process

-Reduce next day soreness

There is more information, case studies, and in depthexplanations on the Pulseroll site.

I've found it really simple to add into my everyday routine (even around the horses)

Here’s what works well for me… 

 I keep the mini massage gun in my hat bag, this way it's always with me before and after I ride.

I use it before I ride on my calf and hamstrings for 30-90seconds each, you don't need long- just enough to feel more supple and less tight. Occasionally, my forearms also get very tight and spasm, so I often use it there too. 

 Riding feels a lot easier when your muscles are already relaxed that little bit, and you really feel a difference if like me, you're prone to tight muscles.

This means that when I do get on the horses, I'm able to ride correctly and focus on warming the horse up, sainted of needing to slowly stretch and relax my own legs first.

After riding, I actually spend a little longer massaging my muscles again to help aid recovery and reduce that next day soreness that can be a killer for my legs. 1-2 minutes on each leg is all I need, but it makes a huge difference for relaxing the are post workout.

Then it goes back in may hat bag and it's all done.

I tend to charge mine weekly, the battery lasts well which is a huge bonus. 

 Whilst it can be daunting for many of us to consider trying, this mini massage gun has become a part of my daily routine, I wouldn't be without it now.

It's effective, easy, quick and simple.

For aches and pains? You don't have to put up with them, this allows you toactually do something about them now, a game changer. 

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