How to know if you need to change plans (and when to do it)

 The story of our life at the moment, especially with the wobbly health and weather both tied into each other.

After all, it is January though, so we won't be dwelling on that for very long.

So far this month, there's been a few times where we've changed plans, had to reschedule riding, get our hopes up and set our sights on a new goal.

We're more likely to put off changing plans because it can be emotionally exhausting when you've spent so long creating them.

But one thing worse than putting it off, is ending up in a mess when you ignore problems.

So, let's tackle this head on... 

 Learn to adapt

It feels uncomfortable at first, but adapting is a skill we need to exercise daily.

Adapting will feel less crazy when you're used to doing it,you'll get better at it and your plans won't suffer as much when *ahem* life happens.

The more flexible you are with what happens, the smoother those bumps or changes in the plan feel…because instead of them being destroyed, you learn to wiggle with the change and move with it.

-Don't panic when plans change

-Take a moment to breathe!!

-Accept you've probably got limited control

-Focus on what you need to do

-Then shift your focus to what you can still do

-Get going, move forwards, and carry on as best as you can.

When you adapt, you're not only open to changes, but you're open to improvement…all of a sudden it doesn't sound so bad does it?

Set realistic, but hopeful goals


You need to get the balance right when setting goals

Not being realistic enough will set you up for failure

But if you limit your hope, thane your goals become too small.

You need to find that sweet spot in-between where you can be confident it's possible, but you'll also have to work hard and up your game to get there.

It's easy top become scared of setting goals. After all, we don't want to fail or realise they're not achievable.

The key thing to remember is that if you set goals that actually matter to you, you will automatically want to work harder, figure out how to get it done, and be willing to find a way to make it happen even when things get difficult (as always our motto of #FindAWayNotAnExcuse is easily applied here to keep you going.)

Most importantly, do not lose your hope.

Goals are supposed to feel a little crazy at times, you have to be willing to reach that bit further and step outside your comfort zone.

That feeling when you achieve your goal? It feels like gold dust, especially when even you were unsure of how it could be possible.

If you never set the goal in the first place though, it may never become a reality you can work towards.

So do yourself a favour, set the goal even if you doubt yourself, then go ahead, work hard, and prove to yourself that it is possible. 

  When to change plans

Your most difficult moneys are when you make choices, whether to keep pushing, change direction or simply adapt your approach to things.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, it's usually time to take a small break- not quit.

But what's important to be aware of, is if there are better ways you could be doing something. More effective ways. Easier ways. Clearer ways.

That's when you need to adapt plans.

As a rule pop thumb, if things are going well and progressing smoothly, then try to fix it if not isn't broken. You're probably doing just fine.

But, the you can sense that things aren't heading in the direction you thought they would, it's important to notice e that change, to shift your perspective and find a better approach, a better plan…all to hopefully create a better outcome.

Looking for improvement will always be a habit that serves you well.

Have fun, enjoy it all, adapt as you need to and don’t forget to let me know if this helped, or if you also do something that helps that I’ve missed out! As always, I love to hear and learn from you! 


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