Re-introducing me!

I figured it wouldn't hurt to re introduce myself to get to know everyone here a bit better- especially since there's a few new people here...if you're one of those- welcome! 

My name is Evie Olivia Toombes and I'm 18years old I have a few severe chronic illnesses (Spina Bifida, Gastroparesis, Pseudo obstruction, Cauda Equina Syndrome, Gilbert's Syndrome)


-I'm disabled, I can't feel my legs from below the knee I catheterise to empty my bladder (since age 3!)

-I'm tube fed because my stomach doesn't work properly.

-I'm due to have an ileostomy stoma to help improve my health management.

-I have 3-4 hours of gut treatment every single night to keep me alive safely I'm attached to my tube feeds (sometimes 24hrs a day)

And guess what?? Life is still WONDERFUL. I truly believe the only thing that matters is making the most of your life, having fun and doing something you love- for me this is horses and raising awareness of invisible illness. I'm also regularly using my motto of #FindAWayNotAnExcuse when things get a little tough. 


-I'm a para Showjumper and have competed for team GB with my horse Daisy.

-We are currently #1 in the para showjumping league.

-I work with medical companies to help encourage others with health conditions and show that they are never alone -I've been awarded a British Citizen youth medal for services to society, officially making me 'Evie Toombes BCyA' 

This is a page for me to share my journey, encourage as many people as possible to live their life to the full and #FindaWayNotAnExcuse ..and have some fun on too! 

Most importantly- I absolutely love being able to speak to people on here and meet new people! Everyone's support means the world to me, especially when things are wobbly, so a big thank you for reading, watching, liking and just being here to share the journey with me!

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