Is it worth it?

Is it worth it?- a question I ask myself on the regular (usually muttering under my breath when things get stressful.) Battling any of life's obstacle can be tricky balance for us to figure out and commit to doing. But I grew up believing that people who did choose to keep going  must just be 100% at peace with that way of life, and that they never questioned it. Is that true?

 And so the question gets asked a lot, is all of this worth it? There's no right or wrong answer for each person, but I can categorically say that the fun and quality of life we're continually working towards will always be worth the stress and exhausting planning that it takes to pull things off. I wish life was easier, there's no doubt about that and I can't change it.

….But I can make sure that it's WORTH IT, and it is! #FindAWayNotAnExcuse

For us...I  feel like this is a really realistic representation of the behind the scenes of our HOYS trip- Hotel edition of daily TPN!

-A small amount of chaos

-Plenty of stress

-Organisation and planning for days before

And the anxiety of actually doing my TPN successfully away from home, it's the stressors half an hour, scrubbing the surfaces and breaking a sweat, scrubbing my line and making sure everything is 100% sterile… and then we have the smile of pure relief when it's all done.

None of this is without careful planning, and a lot of doubt in the lead up to things. We have to be sure that something is actually possible, safe and reasonable before diving head first into things - so although sometimes our activities seem crazy or hectic, there's usually a good dose of planning in between! 

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Over time, I've come to my own conclusionI that actually, having doubts or second thoughts is a natural part of not only having call ages in the first place...but also a crucial part of overcoming them.

It allows you to access the situation, to see it for the good, the bad and the ugly, to make well rounded decisions with the knowledge that you've explored all areas of how things could go. Sometimes you can go much further than you think, keep going. 

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