Jay's journey begins!


 A very special day…Jay made his debut at a primary school this morning during one of my school visits! For the past year we've been pursuing his career as a therapy pony, with the hope of being able to share the magic and happiness that he already brings to me with other children.

Last year I visited Beacon primary Academy to deliver an assembly and share 'Lucy Goes To School', after keeping in contact with the school they approached us with the most incredible offer of a donation towards Jay's training with the money the children had fundraised for. With this support I was adamant he had to visit the school with me as soon as possible, so everyone could meet him and see first hand what their donation will be helping towards with offering therapy to seriously ill children and children at risk of mental health struggles.

Jay took the whole day in his stride, meeting each and every child in the school, being stroked, fussed after, occasionally yelled at and chased- his temperament and behaviour was impeccable!

This new venture within my foundation is something I am so keen to engage with, my hopes for the future are to visit hospitals with him and reach children just like me who spend a lot of time in hospital or poorly. Growing up I became hugely fond of animals from a young age due to how unconditional their love is, and being able to connect with them without saying a word. Dogs, horses and ponies never judge or reject you, and I think how accepting they are is something we could all use a little more of. This is the magic I want to share with other children, to help brighten their days and make good use of Jay and his wonderful nature.

A huge thank you to Beacon Primary Academy for a fantastic day and for your wonderful support. We've officially started the therapy pony journey!

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