****Loving Milton****

My first show,winning a small class!

I feel so lucky to be allowed to ride this girly,she's one of the sweetest horses I've ever met.After a few weeks training we had a lovely first show and even achieved a win in a small class.I need to work on finding how to move her forward even though my legs are weak(luckily my training with national para coach and British Showjumping Academy really help).

Incredibly I've been given an award at school for most improvement as my grades have improved so much.Last year I missed so much school and everything piled up,now I've been allowed to drop a subject so I can cope when I am ill(though this isn't that often).Before I would just get work sent home and that was more pressure when I wasn't well.Now I feel like the school are treating me as an individual and I can cope better.

I'm going to an event this month called 'Your Horse Live' and having a talk with the organiser as they want to involve me in their April event.I can hopefully encourage other people struggling with confidence by openly talking-I'm a bit scared but really looking forward to it.

Amazingly I've become a finalist in a 'Musto findaface' competition.Mum sent my cv in after I begged her and I'm one of the finalists! Just being in the final will hopefully raise awareness of hidden disabilities as I look so normal.Unfortunately I didn't find out straight away and I'd been invited to British Showjumping awards dinner to meet with press,we didn't get the email until the week after the event:( But I'm determined to make up for it lets hpe I get plenty of votes:)

Finally it's funny because every time we go to an annual event all we seem to say is-remember being here last year and how ill I was.I'm really noticing how much better I am since my ACE and even if I have a blip I'm back on track within a couple of days.

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