Monday morning smiles & safe potassium levels!

A few Monday morning smiles because my potassium is finally within a normal and SAFE range! 

220mmol of IV potassium infusions later and we can finally stop worrying and now monitor my bloods closely for any further drops.For anyone who's followed me for a while, you'll know I used to need infusion every week before starting TPN. 

Two years ago it started out as one bag per month, and then per week, then twice a week. 220mmol is the equivalent to 11 bags of potassium. 

It's astonishing to realise just how much my body now needs simply just to keep my heart and other organs working properly and my potassium up.

But anyways, we move on let's hope it can stay good for a bit longer now that it's up again. I'm feeling so much brighter and a bit more energised- which is lovely!....However this does mean I'm now itching to see Daisy and be with all of the animals at home- they make everyday so much brighter, and being away from home and without them always leaves a huge gap in my day.

P.s my teddy bear is a care bear named 'cheeky bear' , I've had him since I was 3 and he's been to most hospitals with me since then. He also negotiates with Doctors when I'm too tired too!

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