New Year, new body?

 I'm trying not to get too caught up in making New Years resolutions based around general health. If I could, I'd love to improve my health in the name of new year new me, and it's amazing that so many people are keen to do that. But chronic illnesses don't renew their presence each new year, giving you a chance to start again. It's a weird place to be, knowing that there's a limit to the level of health you'll be able to maintain even with your best efforts- but even with that, it's still a goal and something to strive for on poorly days. So long as I'm trying my hardest to be the best my body will allow, I know I'm on the right track.

For anyone else who might be in a similar situation, with mental health, invisible illness or just with a sticky situation.
It's okay if there are things you can't change right now or help, it's okay if you need to ask for help or take a different path to get where you need to be. It might take longer, more hard work and commitment or more help. You're still allowed to want to improve, and to still be happy with where you are right now. For us at the moment, it's about trying to improve the things that could be better, but still appreciating the good things and achievements.

I've been playing catch up since skipping a night of treatment on New Year's Eve (very worth it to spend time with friends and family) but oh lordy what an uphill battle it is to get back on track.
Teddy and Patch have been doing a good job of looking after me and keeping my spirits up, especially when I've been missing Jay. Poorly puppy cuddles make even tough times better.

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