One year since 'second chance day'

21st May, 2020- a year ago, was the day I got my second chance and we started TPN in hospital for good.

I was unsure of whether to share pictures or not, as usually I stay clear from having to look at ones that bring back the stress and worry- but it seems apt as a way to celebrate how far we've come. You've all been here with me through it all, and what a ride the past year has been. I edited these slides earlier this and posted the video on Instagram (Facebook won't let me post so I've added a link below!), and was close to tears- happy tears, sad tears, stress, literally all of the emotions.

I have no words for how ridiculous my health had become, whilst it's complex- it should have never been left that long and we had to beg for help for months (years) to get treatments that would keep me alive. 

Today marks 365 since I officially began TPN again for good, this is nutrition (food, nutrients, calories, energy and fluids) in a sterile liquid formula that is pumped into a large vein in my chest, directly into the bloodstream via my Hickman line.

Truthfully, it's a restricting way of life, being attached to tubes every single day, having such high infection risks that could easily be fatal every single day. But this, this makes it all worthwhile.#FindAWayNotAnExcuse Here's to many more improvements, fun, and happy moments. 

Link to 30second video here 

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