Plans vs potassium

 I think the best way to ruin plans is to make them in the first place at this rate!🙈

Not a happy bunny! Show cancelled and swapped for hospital 🚫Supposed to be away competing at one of my favourite venues Willow Banks this weekend but had to change plans and come into hospital immediately for an 8 hour emergency potassium infusion. I only had a top up last week and usually last two weeks,but today as my levels have dropped so low I need double my usual dose!! This certainly wasn't part of the plan 🤨
Just when I've sorted all the plans, arranged juggling health and horses it seems the goal posts get moved and everything goes up in the air all over again. I love getting excited about going to shows and getting some freedom and fun amidst the constant battle with my body at the moment, so it's disappointing when plans do change- even though it's necessary.
Currently worrying about how we're going to manage Christmas and what to do if we get an emergency, since things are becoming more regular and uncontrollable than usual. I can handle managing the everyday healthcare like treatment, tube feeding, catheters and physio- but emergencies like this have to be dealt with as soon as possible, so it often takes priority (usually when I least expect it.)

On the bright side, I did wake up at 6am to get here early so hopefully I can go home at the end of the day, instead of staying in! And the early morning meant I could have a cuddle with Jay the Shetland in the garden, which definitely got my day off to a good start, it's amazing how much a small polar bear look a like pony can lift your spirits when you need it most. We'll get there, and find better ways to manage my health and deal with it, and in the meantime I'm hoping a granny nap and this dose of potassium will perk me up enough to make some more fun plans to keep looking forward to with Daisy the Dinosaur. 🦖

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