Positive for how long?

 I want to remain as positive as possible, but I'm not sure how much longer we can go on like this. Hanging on from one emergency infusion to another. They used to be 1x bag a month- now it's 4x bags a week because I've declined so fast.

This is still safer than being admitted to hospital as an inpatient, but when fatality by covid is worst case scenario, I'm worried fatality by existing conditions is considered favourable and less of a concern.

My team at our local hospital are doing a fantastic job of keeping my infusions up and making sure we can do them in an isolated environment. They're managing me as best as they can and I'm so thankful for the hard work and effort by them and my team at Notts who are also overseeing things and on the end of the phone for emergencies.

I just hope, that this begins to pass and the government are soon willing to reintroduce vital treatment for existing condition patients before they decline too far, or become a statistic in a death toll.

I cannot wait to get back to riding and competing Daisy, with better health and in a safer place- she's there ready and waiting and when the times right I'll be back on board❤️🐴 Somehow it's keeping me sane and level headed knowing that there's so much fun ahead to be had, my dinosaur is definitely an reason to #FindAWayNotAnExcuse

Thank you to everyone for staying home, saving lives and protecting the NHS🌈

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