Preparing for surgery

 'Can I still drink coffee a few days after surgery though?'😅☕️

Pre operative appointment done and dusted this week...and the countdown is officially on! One week until I'm admitted to hospital and a month until surgery. It's beginning to get quite real so I'm trying to find the small positives that are relevant to each step for me to enjoy and look forward to, since we're not expecting things to be very smooth! (This is due to surgery complications, risky recovery, the addition of my current health which isn't an ideal surgery option, how and IF things will heal...and that's before I begin to get to grips with getting life back on track outside of the hospital room!)

Here's my mindset so far...(or perhaps coping mechanism for optimism🤣)
The next week- I can still see Daisy and enjoy being at home. I'll definitely be banking these small moments of enjoyment and taking plenty of pictures to look back on for when I'm in.
When I'm admitted- Hopefully a few weeks of some extra PN (nutrition delivered via my veins instead of just via my tube or stomach) will give me some energy, weight gain and strength ready for the op- which is hugely important for managing the risks and potential problems. I'm expecting this to be a tough few weeks but so necessary to get the best outcome; i suppose it's somewhat comforting to know that a struggle will be worthwhile.
After surgery- I can slowly find my feet with all the changes that are to come, I'll be (hopefully) ready to make mistakes I can learn from and recover slowly whilst making plans for what I want to do with Daisy when I'm well enough again. Oh and I fully plan to be visiting shows and spending time with the horses on the ground when safe to do so...whilst giving mum a kick up the butt to keep the horses fit for my return!😜

Needless to say there's so many challenges ahead, and I'm aware I have no idea what I'm in for, how bad things could get or if this will even work. All we do know is, there's NO WAY I can go on like this at the moment with how my health is. So a step forwards, is much better than no progress at all. I think the nurses have enjoyed my motto of #FindAWayNotAnExcuse though which is always a bonus, let's hope this is the beginning of the end for the past 4years of my health spiralling downwards!


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