****Roley meets Royalty****

Hi everyone-I'm so excited to be sharing all my news with you.What a great start as I'm going to Hartpury National RDA Championships tomorrow.I'm taking my brothers pony 'Roley' as my girl Jess is lame.He's a cheeky fella and I'm praying he behaves and doesn't nip Princess Anne! She's visiting on Friday when I compete and will also be visiting the stable area.

It's also going to be quite scary as I'm getting used to my ACE and coping away from home is nerve wracking.My washouts are still making me feel ill and it takes a couple of hours.But I'm determined to 'find a way' as I love competing in showjumping.Last time we stayed away we couldn't get into the disabled toilets as they were locked.When we eventually gained access we had lots of people banging and asking what we were doing in there.(perhaps I should hang a sign up).Mum's phoned up to check this time and explain what I need-we never presume anything anymore.I'm praying my bladder's on good behaviour as I had problems yesterday-but I've coped with worse!

I've done everything I can to prepare so I'll give it my best shot as the first junior para showjumper and try to remember to enjoy it.

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