Springtime has been interesting let's say! I've experienced some amazing things like a pony racing rallie with Ponyclub.This was something I've been desperate to have a go at but wasn't well enough last April.I borrowed a friends pony ,we trained on the gallops then I raced my brother over 4 furlongs-we were well matched on 2 Welsh ponies.Unfortunately my health hasn't been great and I've been struggling with my Ace-probably due to dehydration caused by refluxing food and drink for many weeks.In April I was admitted to our local hospital then transferred to QMC.Ive had my medication changed to try and stop the reflux and we did get my Ace working but I'm still waiting to see a gastro consultant­čś×

We had a lovely visit to Arena uk in April for 3 days and it was a chance to explore coping away from home.It was fantastic to have use of facilities on site(bed and bathroom).I jumped some great rounds on my old pony Jess and borrowed Rolo but had unlucky faults in the jump off plus a fall.

My lovely ride Milton is back in full work and I'm starting jumping her this week­čśŐ

School has been really difficult to cope with as my Ace as been taking so long(upto 3 or 4 hours) meaning I don't get to bed until midnight.Luckily school have allowed me a reduced timetable so I concentrate just on my option choices.I really hope my health improves soon because it's only 5 weeks until my first para showjumping competition at Bolesworth International.I've been competing and training most weekends which though tiring I enjoy so much.I've also been awarded a bursary from Dodson and Horrell for 'Inspirational rider'.I will be attending Chatsworth International horse trials to receive it in May.It's been another opportunity to share information on hidden disabilities and I have a talk coming up at the 'Young farmers' shortly.(scary but it will be interesting to see the response from young people).

The wonderful Breakaway charity held their 10th Anniversary dinner on 7th May and it was a chance to dress up and thank all those involved.I can't always change what's happening but it's great to share it with others x

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