Starting Parenteral Nutrition

 Feeling utterly terrified but also so grateful. A huge milestone passed as I've officially began Parenteral Nutrition since having my PICC line placed earlier this week. (The solution bag has to be kept under the red bag to protect it from daylight due to how sensitive it is.)Tonight I've managed to sneak away from my hospital room to the patient day room which is a nice change- it's not home but it's better than the same four walls!

The gastroenterology team discussed my case and decided that due to how much my body is now struggling to function and how weak I am, I couldn't be left any longer without nutrition. The PICC line is a long tube that enters at my arm, with the end travelling up my arm and into large vein above my heart. This will deliver Parenteral Nutrition (PN) directly into my veins instead of through stomach/intestines. The reason this hasn't been done before now is due to the possible complications and risks (that I want to address in a future post), PN is only ever used as a last resort option, when all other ways have been exhausted and the pro's outweigh the cons. For so long starving has been safer, however I'm now feeling very lucky that the doctors have stepped in with this and have reacted to my bodies deterioration.

This is the first step towards getting stronger and gaining weight to fuel my body with the nutrition it is unable to consume in the 'normal' way of eating.
Meanwhile, Mum is under strict instructions to keep Daisy fit and happy over the next few months, alongside giving plenty of carrots and cuddles from me!


Sneaking off to the day room for a change of scene since I'm not allowed to leave the ward just yet.

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