Taking each day as it comes

Trying to keep on top of things at home each day for now with some #FindAWayNotAnExcuse vibes 🤗

As it stands today, the worries about covid and other infections with being admitted still outweigh the worries over trying to manage from home.

We've agreed that an admission for TPN (nutrition delivered directly into my veins through a central line) is on the horizon, given how needed it is- we just don't quite know when yet. A date for surgery is anyone's guess at the moment and not something I've bothered to stress over as the hospitals have no idea yet either- so I've concluded to thinking 'it will come when it comes'. 🤞🏼

So for now, I'm taking things on a day by day basis, enjoying the little things and preparing for what will be a lengthy and perhaps worrying admission when it does come- however with it being so needed I know it will be worthwhile even with any struggles. Doing my best to remember that daisy will be waiting and ready to continue having fun, Showjumping and giving me some freedom when I'm strong enough- and that's enough to keep me going. 🏥

I'd also like to note that my hood is up because my head was cold - it's not a bad fashion statement!🙈🤦🏻‍♀️ #tubefeeding #chronicillness#findawaynotanexcuse #spinabifida

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