Another emergency infusion of potassium today at our local hospital. Every time I come out of hospital I feel so lucky to be able to leave, and go home for a couple of days to my family. At the moment so many patients are unable to leave hospital for a prolonged period of time, others may not make it out at all due to both indirect and direct fatalities of covid-19.

We've tried to minimise the time I spend in hospital as much as possible (it tends to be multiple times a week), but given how each time is an emergency where my heart function is compromised- every single time is completely necessary and outweighs the risk of contracting covid. I still worry, but knowing that we are trying to do the right thing definitely encourages me to accept when help is needed.

It made my day to see the return of one of my favourite nurses in clinic today, who has recently been self isolating due to possible symptoms. Small things like this remind both me and mum that there is hope and light, even with the darkness. Each hospital team is beginning to adapt and find a new routine, luckily this does help towards management of patient care and staff safety which is paramount. A whole day of isolated infusions has given me a chance to wonder if key workers can have their uniform upgraded with the addition of a superhero cape though??🤔 (I think if it wasn't for hygiene reasons, we'd have a wonderful reason to do it!)

I do have hope that key workers will help to inspire younger people to be selfless, committed and driven, like them. Three months ago it was common to hear of people aspiring to be on a reality to show, Instagram famous or have brand partnerships with companies that sell detox tea that makes you poop.💩 Over the past few weeks I genuinely believe children, teenagers and adults have all been exposed to the heroic acts of key workers, that will hopefully encourage us to consider joining them in the future. Not only #thankyouNHS 🌈 , but thank you to all key workers. ❤️

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