The future of equestrian wear- everything you need to know

There's no doubt that new colours and patterns that launch each season will always be fun and exciting, I love a bright colour as much as the next rider. But apart fro colours, bright pinks and deep blues, it's rare that we see anything actually new come into the equestrian space for clothing, which is odd compared to the gym wear and other sportswear that continues to innovate their design technology.

Us equestrians seem to draw the short straw with our sport when it comes to how innovative(or lacking) our kit is, *ahem leather boots in the middle of summer, I'm looking at you*.

 I was pleasantly surprised and refreshed when I saw one of the recent Ariat launches, the Ascent collection.

The Ariat Ascent range has upped the equestrian wear standards, for the better. They've taken a brand new look at equestrian wear and focussed on not only how your clothing performs, but how it can help your performance as an athlete.  

They've used the principle of kinesiology tape when designing their Ascent range, body taping is becoming more common for athletes to use in conjunction with their physio.

What does the science and research say?

Kinesiology tape is known to provide support to your body, the tissues, muscles etc. Kinesiology tape can stabilise an injured area by lightly adhering to the skin and applying pressure to the tissues the tape is wrapped around. This tape allows the connective tissue surrounding the affected muscle or tendon to move along with the body to support. This is also relevant for maintaining your posture and preventing injuries.

This method of taping has been around since the 1970's and has years of studies and research available online to read online if you want more information. 

The Ariat 'Posture Tek' design applies the science and research behind kinesiology tape to the Ascent clothing, so that you can actually put it on and wear it…without a trip to your physio every 5 days for taping.

A closer look, every detail has beencarefully considered, at first glance it looks like just another pretty design, but when you notice where the mesh inserts are placed,how the shape fits around the muscles, it becomes clear just how detailed this is, and why it's getting riders seal of approval.


I've ridden in this set for a couple of months now, mainly to fully gauge my thoughts properly , and I haven't been disappointed.

Sizing: Whenyou're wearing it, I think it's really important to find the right size for you, the fit should be slightly snug in order to help support your posture.

Your awareness; So far I've done Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, Flatwork and Jumping in the ascent range, and you really can feel it holding you, and supporting your overall position.

I've enjoyed how the inserts and details hold you that bit, and make you more conscious of your position, you certainly notice a difference when you take it off after a long day too, all of a sudden I feel loose and floppy because there's nothing supporting my posture…that was when I realised how easy it is, you wear them like any other top or tights and it becomes a subconscious thing that you begin sitting taller, standing straight..the change feels so subtle, yet it can have such a profound improvement. 

Is it really necessary?

When we look at other sports, they're often miles ahead in terms of design and innovation of their kit, they look at every detail, this is the approach Ariat have taken here.

We see this a lot in more mainstream sports, swimmers wearing swimming caps to limit the 'drag' in the water, they even shave the day before a competition for maximum chance of a smooth and fast feel in the water- all with the hope of increasing speed and bringing that win just an inch closer to the athlete's reach.

The same goes for cyclingathletes, the shape of their helmets are aerodynamically engineered to pass through the air faster, everyone is looking at the details….What we know from leading sports such as cycling, sprinting, swimming is that the details really do matter, and they make a difference. 

Final thoughts

Really, this is innovative far beyond what I thought was possible, but it is the type of thing you need to try to believe and experience yourself.

Most of us train very hard and dedicate our time to our sports, so when we're putting so much effort in, it's helpful to know that our clothing can be working as hard as we are.

I've really enjoyed trying the Ascent range, and find myself reaching for it day after day, in fact without me noticing they've become my most worn items of this summer. 

 You can find your size and colour in the full Ascent range here

I'm wearing the Crew Base Layer in Navy  and the Ascent Half Grip tights in Navy - I love the Navy and can highly recommend as a colour, but secretly I do think the black could be the better of the two, just for how classic it looks!

-For sizing reference I wear a size XS, Ariats sizing chart is available here 

You can read more about kinesiology tape here  

I'd love to know what you think, do you already have regular Kinesiology taping? Have you ridden in the Ascent range to try it yourself? You can always reach me and let me know either in comments, direct messages or by email! I just admit I"m pretty excited to see what the future will be like now that equestrian brand are really upping their game hone it comes to design and innovation. 

Best, Evie xx

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