The new normal it seems!‍️

I'm slowly adjusting to the changes we are all making to everyday life so far. It feels unfamiliar, strange and worrying- but with the reason behind these measures it is so necessary and important. I tried to get my Find A Way Not An Excuse head on (as I like to call it when I need to stop moping around!) yesterday I began to structure my days a little more and what my mindset for the next few weeks will be (or what I'm at least aiming for with it.) This was inspired after listening to a fantastic radio interview from life coach, ex athlete and my mentor for the Women's Sport Trustprogramme Michelle Moore ! 🌟 

After having a think, these three things have been hugely helpful for me so I wanted to share where I'm at so far...and if anyone else has tips they want to share??😅

-Focus on what you CAN still do. 💪🏼
I acknowledge this is limited compared to usual gut there's are still so many things we can access to and can enjoy. Getting some fresh air, reading, listening to podcast and spending time with the animals have been my favourites 'CAN DO' things recently.🙌🏽

-Connect with friends and stay in touch! 📲
Whether it be phone call, messages or even a comment on their post, staying connected with loved ones really helps to boost general mood and also keep updated, life is still happening so we still have things to share and talk about- don't forget that! We just have to drink that cup of coffee or glass of wine separately for now instead of sharing 🍷

-Think 'what do I miss when I'm homesick?' 🏡
Is it having a soak in the bath? Enjoying a meal with family? Sleeping in your own bed with a fresh duvet? I guess these are little pleasures but what we miss is also what we love most sometimes- whilst also being familiar! 🥰

Expecting this to be easy would be silly, but knowing this is necessary makes it so worthwhile. A small struggle through short term lifestyle change seems a very small price to pay compared to others who have sadly paid with their health/life. I know it's not easy, but we really can Find A Way to do this, NOT an excuse!!
#helpourNHS #supportourNHS #stayathome #findawaynotanexuse

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