Welcome 'Jack Sparrow'


It's been a hectic few weeks for us, and with everything over the past year causing a lot of change and lack of stability health wise, it now feels surreal but perhaps even more exciting to welcome 'Jack Sparrow' to the Toombes family.

We've been training for the past few weeks with Keeley Durham Equestrian and each time the fun and progress just gets better and better- so it only feels right to begin celebrating how far things have come.

In between trying to get back riding again (which has felt like a mammoth task) there's been a careful balancing act of medicines, physio and basic health needs...it seems my legs need as many hours in splints as possible to stop the muscles from going into spasm at the moment- so we've been using them all night/overnight and also whilst travelling en route to riding the horses. (This due to my spinal cord injury and something we've lived with my entire life) Fingers crossed this will begin to help with the ongoing leg weakness, there's no surgery or treatment that can fix this - however the correct management can make a big difference so I'm hopeful we can continue to do just that and have a summer full of fun!#FindAWayNotAnExcuse 

Ps, Daisy is still happy and very much part of the family and so very loved- naturally she's getting older now and we hoped to take the pressure off her a little now by introducing Jack Sparrow so that they can both share duties for all the fun we have planned!

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