WellChild Awards 2018

 This September I had the honour of receiving a WellChild award for inspirational young person. WellChild is the national charity for seriously ill children in the UK, providing nurses, advice and support to children and their families. HRH The Duke of Sussex (Prince Harry) is the patron of the charity, accompanied by his wife the Duchess of Sussex, they supported and attended the event alongside meeting each and every award winner- a truly momentous occasion!

I received the award for the work I do in primary schools and on my blog, raising awareness for hidden disabilities and invisible illnesses and sharing my own story of health, growing up and how having a hobby has helped me. Working and mentoring other young children who are in a similar situation to where I used to be is such an incredibly rewarding experience and I thrive on hearing the confidence grow in children who would or already have struggled. To receive an award for this is truly just an added bonus, and a great initiative to continue with my plans to help more people and raise further awareness. 

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