World mental health day thoughts

I've been there.

I know what it's like to feel like you're backed into a corner, to feel like giving up, that you can't keep going anymore. (This goes for physical health, mental health, every aspect of life…mine has largely overlapped between the variety at times)

Nothing is easy, each one of us will face our own unique set of challenges. You can't compare notes or differences, it doesn't work like that. But I've been there and I can help you keep going again. Things get better, you find ways to move forwards and move past your struggles- and slowly, they become more distant parts of your life that you can and DO begin to progress from. You are capable of progress from this point onwards. You didn't come this far, to only come this far. 

One thing I do notice that is a common thing amongst so many of us, is that support from friends, family…and animals too (especially for me)- it can make a huge difference. I was lucky to have people telling me to keep going. On some occasions quite literally dragging me through each day whilst I was emotionless and pretty much out of fight.

But, the fight goes on and you keep going.The struggle isn't the hardest part, it's fighting that struggle and being willing to change it, that's the hardest part. The rest? It's a rollercoaster ride for all of the best reasons. I found myself repeating our motto of 'Find a way not an excuse' even more during those times particularly, purely to convince myself it might be possible. Don't lose sight of your future, what you can be, the incredible moments and feelings that are all to come. 

Most importantly? Know that your feelings are valid, you're allowed to feel them, you don't need to feel ashamed or less worthy. You're human and you're trying your best. This goes for you, friends, strangers…kindness always wins, even if you can't fully understand someone else's situation, you can always offer kindness.

I originally took this first picture on an awful day, purely to look back on if things got better. Things did get better.

Second picture is from my birthday last year; mum sent a card to the intensive care ward and I spent the entire day in tears, perhaps the loneliest I've ever felt.) Yet speaking and connecting with people like you on here has helped me pass through so many times like that, so thank you. 


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