Yellow Ribbons

Yellow Ribbons in a horses tail = British Showjumping Para Rider

Both Daisy and Jack have a yellow ribbon in their tail when we're out competing, but it's regularly asked why.

A yellow ribbon means: the horse is being ridden by a para rider (a rider with a disability) this can range from limb weakness, to visual or hearing impairments for the rider. Typically you wouldn't recognise this at first glance, so the yellow ribbon will help you identify a para rider. British Showjumping and the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) issue yellow ribbons to all disabled riders so that they can be be identified in the same way that stallions or a horse that kicks can be. 

Why we use one: Whilst I know a lot of very capable para riders who also compete, it's important to remember that we may struggle to fully control, steer or react to any risks or issues that can occur (especially in a hectic warm up arena). This can put not only the rider, but also you, people on the ground and the horses at risk too if you're unaware. For example, weaker riders may not be able to stop or may need more space, amputee's may struggle to turn on one rein, deaf riders won't hear if you shout that you're coming to a fence or that there's a loose horse. Wearing a yellow ribbon can help to make events and particularly warm ups a safer place for everyone there.

What to do when you see a yellow ribbon: It's easy to act effectively by giving a horse with a yellow ribbon slightly more space in the warm up, being aware the rider may have visual/hearing impairments, trying not to cut in infront of them if they're jumping. Also, if that rider is ever injured or falls off, the onsite first aid can be made aware that they have an existing condition- this is useful information when treating a patient. 

If you see our yellow ribbon, please feel free to ask any questions- myself and my mum often talk about it and it makes our shows so much easier and safer for us and other riders/ horses too when more people are aware and understand. 

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